Thia Thomalla

Thia Thomalla is a Filipino-German model, actress and beauty queen who became the first Filipina to win the Miss Eco International pageant. She is also a regular artist under GMA7.

Concepts by Thia Thomalla

Sausage and Franks

Wanna have a sausage? Ever wondered how a classic BBQ grill can bring people together? How a raw cut of meat can give you a mouthwatering vibe, and let’s not forget the sizzling sound that it makes once it hits the scorching grill. Sausage and Franks by Cynthia Thomalla offers a variety of sausages made from premium cuts of meat, fresh from the butcher. Our succulent sausages are perfect for the meat lovers and will definitely awaken the inner carnivore in you.

The Perfect Pretzel

TWISTED DOUGH offers both softly baked, squishy pretzels and hard-baked ones in an array of seasonings including but not limited to salt, cheese, sugar, chocolate, glazes, seeds and nuts. We prepare freshly baked bread everyday that’ll surely fill you! Twisted Dough’s pretzels twist so fine!

The Burger Table


Wine or Whiskey