Teejay Marquez

Teejay Marquez is a Filipino actor, model, dancer, endorser, and vlogger. Made his first debut in the movie Ang Tanging Pamilya: A Merry Go Round, and starred in various TV Shows and Films till now. Back in 2011, He was awarded as “Best Male New TV Personality” for his role in Tween Hearts. Teejay Marquez also endorses many fashion brands, as well as making travel vlogs.

Concepts by Teejay Marquez

Top It (Indonesian + Thai Rice Toppings)

Top It! Indonesian + Thai Rice Toppings by Teejay Marquez offers your everyday Southeast Asian comfort food on-the-go! Served in uniquely-packed, convenient take-out boxes, it becomes a natural choice for people who want to get their Asian food fix as fast as possible. Its main goal is to bridge the gap from the streets of South East Asia to our local streets, bringing you combinations of various Indonesian and Thai comfort foods with a twist. It takes traditional dishes from Indonesia and Thailand without ever compromising authenticity. At Top It! Indonesian + Thai Rice Toppings, you will taste the highest quality ingredients while experiencing comfort through food in a box you never thought possible.

Milk Treats

MILK TREATS by Teejay Marquez offers a wide selection of delicious milk teas and fruit teas in its popular slushy consistency and chewy tapioca balls. This popular drink from Taiwan reached our shores and Filipinos have been loving it! Our tea-based drinks mixed with a variety of milk or fruit and add-ons are perfectly concocted to satisfy one’s sugar craving and quench one’s thirst. Giving us an instant perking-up, it’s no surprise that MILK TREATS is a go-to drinkable that is lined up for hours by many!