Tim Yap

Tim Yap is a TV host, newspaper columnist, creative director, club owner and eventologist. He is considered to be one of the most stylish and influential celebrities setting numerous trends in the fashion and events industries.

Concepts by Tim Yap


Yup! is a unique and hip food and beverage kiosk that sells a wide range of coffee and liquor products, cakes, desserts and other light meals.
It is envisioned to be a quick stop for yuppies to get their daily dose of energy boosters and coffee fix, and then transform into an accessible cocktail mini-bar by night.
It will have its own special brews and artisanal coffee-infused cocktail menu curated by popular celebs and mixologists.
The brand name is a play on Tim Yap’s surname. Yup! also serves as a catchphrase for colleagues and friends out for brews, cocktails and great conversations.