Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz is a veteran actress and singer with over 25 years of experience in acting and entertainment in the Philippines. She has appeared in over 40 movies and over 20 television dramas.

Concepts by Sunshine Cruz

Pizza With Love

PIZZA FACTORY offers a selection of scrumptious Italian pizzas that’ll surely make you want for more! Our ingredients are both internationally and locally sourced to specifically make each and every pizza topping, sauce and garnish pleasing to the taste. Every bite is a taste of Italian heaven!

Okinawa Bubble Brew

Okinawa Bubble Brew by Sunshine Cruz offers an array of milk teas specializing in Okinawa milk tea. Every cup is made special with perfectly cooked chewy tapioca pearls that make every gulp extra special! Our options are endless and you can customize your every cup!

Happiness in a Wrap

You want to fill your grumbling stomach? Drop by at Happiness in a Wrap by Sunshine Cruz. We offer sandwiches in different spreads and fillings conveniently arranged in a wrap for easy munching. Our ingredients are always fresh and nutritious making sure that your on-the-go meal satisfies your stomach and taste and most especially your health!

La Piccola Italia

La Piccola Italia by Sunshine Cruz is an oasis of savory pleasure. Offering different sumptuous pasta dishes in varying flavorful sauces – like Pesto, Carbonara, Pasta Bolognese, among others– it’s for certain every bite will leave you with an even better mood.