Ruffa Nava

Ruffa Nava started her career as a beauty queen. She already joined big beauty pageants in the Philippines, namely Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines. Today, she is one of the renowned supermodels in the country.

Concepts by Ruffa Nava

Nava’s Batchoy

Nava’z Batchoy is a one-stop shop that offers a wide variety of Batchoy. Nava’z Batchoy is inspired from a noodle soup which originated from La Paz Iloilo City. It is so aromatic that when your olfactory senses catch its spiced whiff, you couldn’t help yourself but to drool and to helplessly devour the dish in time.

Molo’s Best

Molo’s Best is a one-stop shop that offers a wide variety of Pancit Molo. Pancit Molo is a filipino wonton soup dish that originated from the town of Molo in the province of Iloilo. Pancit Molo by Ruffa Nava is a soup dish made of dumplings, shredded chicken and a robust broth. Molo’s Best offers different dumplings like pork, beef, and chicken. It also serves spicy pancit Molo soup, perfect for spice lovers out there!