Phoemela Baranda

Phoemela Baranda is a Filipino model, actress and was the entertainment anchor of ABS-CBN’s weekday flagship news broadcast of TV Patrol. She is a former officer and currently a member of Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) and appears regularly on magazine covers and advertising campaigns.

Concepts by Phoemela Baranda

Better Breakfast

Being the most popular breakfast dish in the Philippine islands, Tapsilog by Phoemela Baranda is here cater to the love of Pinoys for its all-time favorite ‘agahan’. An iconic, traditional meal of three components–beef tapa, fried egg and garlic fried rice, it’s no wonder that this has been preferred by many to fill their stomach before they jump start their hectic day. This trio meal is jam-packed with protein and carbohydrates needed to fuel the body. Plus, we offer not just one—as it has spawned into a family of similar dishes called ‘silogs’. We have tocilog (tocino), bangsilog (bangus), spamsilog (spam) and many others!

Shawarma Factory

Wholesome yet irresistibly appetizing, Shawarma by Phoem is sure to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings! From the savory shawarma to the delicious hummus w/ pita bread, it is certain that Shawarma by Phoem will leave you satisfied with a happy tummy. Perfect for those looking forward to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Dimsum Alley

Being one of the most popular Chinese food fully embraced by Filipinos, siomai is the most well-loved snack by many. Dimsum Alley by Phoem Baranda offers a variety of this snack ranging from pork siomai, beef siomai, seafood and Japanese siomai. Our recipe is an all-time favorite by youngsters and adults alike especially when paired with our savory soy sauce and calamansi.