Nikki Gil

Nikki Gil is a Filipino singer, actress, host, model. She has also worked as video jockey for MYX  music channel. She is married and has a baby boy. She is currently studying interior design

Concepts by Nikki Gil

Cuban Corn

Cuban corn by Nikki Gil was inspired in one of the famous street-food in Mexico. The Cuban Corn corn remains sweet on the inside while being covered in a flavorful texture. A lot of flavorful corn awaits you from sweet chili to our best seller sour cream. Drop by at Cuban Corn, see and taste it for yourself!

Taverna de Paella

Taverna de Paella is a new Spanish-inspired concept that highlights Filipinos love for the Spanish staple rice dish ‘paella’. While paella is often expensive and served only at Spanish-themed restaurant, Taverna will make the dish more accessible to the market. Different flavors of the Spanish dish such as paella negra, paella valenciana and paella marinara will be served in a food carton style, making it perfect for people on the go.

Edible Greens

Edible Greens is a salad stop concept that highlights people love for vegetables with different toppings. The toppings come in different varieties from seafood to beef and finally to pork! It will be served in a food cart style, making it perfect for people on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Come and grab your Edible Green with us!