Michelle Dee

Michelle Dee, the daughter of Actress Melanie Marquez is a Psychology student at De La Salle University. She has been accepting various offers to model for several magazines and fashion brands.

Concepts by Michelle Dee

Steak Yard

Does your insatiable meat craving start kicking in? Come and visit Steak Yard. It’s a place to be in to casually gourmandize your way through these savory marble slabs of beef that are undeniably and irresistibly tender and succulent. Giving a taste of premium yet affordable steaks, we make it our top priority to make every bite worth your penny.

Gyoza Bites

Gyoza Bites by Michelle Dee offers a selection of different mouth-watering flavors of Japanese-style dumplings – gyoza. These cute, bite-sized goodness are perfectly cooked in a three-stage-process: crisp, steam and crisp. Made with pre-fabricated wrappers that are ultimately thin, small and delicate making it crispier than ever, the filling becomes the star of every bite! Every nibble is stuffed with juicy meat and cabbage lightly seasoned with garlic, scallions, ginger, white pepper, salt, and sugar making the filling more finely textured and more subtle in flavor. These dynamites will leave you wanting for more!


Saranggyupsal by Michelle Dee is an innovative food concept that takes advantage of people’s love for Korean dishes. It will offer varieties of tender pork and beef served as rice toppings. Customers will have the option to cook the meats with different herbs and spices.

Yummy Yakitori

With its rise in popularity in recent years, yakitori or grilled chicken meats and parts on skewers has become a popular tasty snack as well as a savory partner with beers. Yummy Yakitori offers this quick snack perfect for anyone who likes to take on a little gastronomic adventure down Japanese barbecue lane.