Maxine Medina

Maxine Medina is a Filipina beauty queen, model and aspiring actress.. Maxine Medina represented the Philippines at the 65th Miss Universe pageant where she placed in the top 6. After her stint in the pageant world she was then casted in various TV shows and films under the management of network giant ABS-CBN. 

Concepts by Maxine Medina

Sushi Max

Sushi Max is a one-stop sushi bar that’ll allow you to taste varieties of the most popular Japanese dish– sushi. These edible masterpieces are made from fresh ingredients served in the most convenient way possible! Drop by, grab some, dig in and thank Sushi Max for an unforgettable on-the-go sushi experience.

All About Mango

All About Mango is a new food concept that will satisfy all your mango food cravings. Your favorite mango taste matched with our flavorful yogurt is the perfect combination. This concept was curated to develop a dessert that  will surely satisfy the customers’ sweet-tooth. It will also serve mango pies, mango ice cream, milkshakes and fruit bowls.