Liliana Nova

Liliana Nova is a German/American actress and model. She was born in Kiev, Ukraine and grew up between Munich,Germany; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Paris,France. Her father was one of the world’s best defenders in professional hockey and her mother served as the Director of various art museums. After 3 years in New York she moved to Los Angeles in March 2015.

In New York she was part of the Susan Batson Film Academy and worked next to Susan Batson herself, with Larry Moss, Anthony Meindl and Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles on her acting skills. Now living in LA, she is a student at the Lee Strasberg Institut. Liliana got her first film role in the US-remake of Hershell Gordon Lewis’ “Blood Feast” movie, originally honored by the MoMa/NYC.

She speaks fluent English, Russian, German, Latvian, French and Ukrainian.

Concepts by Liliana Nova

Liliana Nova Salon

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