Kiko Estrada

Jason Joseph Francis Carlos Diaz Ejercito is a Filipino actor, child of two famous actors of their time; Cheska Diaz and Gary Estrada. Kiko’s parents were his encouragement in starting his acting career back in 2010, he then appeared in countless TV shows like, Reel Love: Tween Hearts, Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto, and Annaliza. He also appeared in Maalala Mo Kaya along with Julia Montes, who played as his leading lady.

Concepts by Kiko Estrada

Mr. Lemon

Mr. Lemon creates quality cold-pressed juices that are equally as delicious as they are healthy and nutritious. Managed and distributed by Renegade Branding Concepts in partnership with Filipino TV personality Kiko Estrada, Mr. Lemon takes all juices fresh daily, using a method of cold-pressing that locks in the maximum essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and preserves the natural flavors of the produce. It prides itself on fresh non-GMO juices at an affordable price point and with mouthwatering flavor combinations.

Whether you are gluten-free, body-building, or simply staying away from processed foods, we have many options to meet your needs. Mr. Lemon is more than just juice, it is a feeding frenzy for your senses, an edible lifestyle lift, and an energy revitalization that your body demands.

The Shawarma Stop

Today, The Shawarma Stop is revolutionizing shawarmas by filling pitas, plates and bowls with ingredients inspired by the healthy diets of the Middle East and Mediterranean. We are committed to a chef-driven menu, made from scratch, producing restaurant quality food in a fun quick service setting.

More so, The Shawarma Stop allows you to pick and choose, mix and match so you can cater to exactly what taste you feel like having at that exact moment. We are redefining what it means to have healthy fresh delicious food that is quick and customized up to the last spice. Applying our special variety of cooking techniques to our unique blend of flavors has allowed us to bring highlights from the world of fine dining into our quick-service kiosks.

Kirei Tempura Bites

Kirei Tempura Bites by Kiko Estrada invites you to experience a little bit of Japan in a kiosk so you can enjoy Tempura casually while feeling the sense of tradition—at a price that is clearly affordable and worth it. At its core is the Japanese principle of using ingredients at their peak freshness to ensure that each bite is expressed naturally. Each tempura is not just fried but is a little of creative in terms of toppings, seasonings, and the presentation while being surprisingly light on the stomach, thanks to the quality of the ingredients.

Kirei Tempura Bites by Kiko Estrada strives for the recognition as a customer-oriented restaurant through the enthusiastic service, serenading environment and delicious food. Whether you are stopping by for a quick bite to eat or are having a meal, you won’t be disappointed by what Tempura by Kiko Estrada has to offer.