KC Del Rosario

KC, real name, Karraminah, is a creative and a true artist at heart. She wishes to share her conceptual taste and vision of luxury across the globe.

Concepts by KC Del Rosario

Karraminah Nail Salon

KARRAMINAH NAIL SALON is a high-design hand and nail studio, elevating every aspect of the manicure experience. Managed and distributed by Renegade Branding Concepts, in partnership with Filipino brand ambassador and socialite KC Del Rosario, this nail salon provides a wide range of services including manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, hand spa and gel manicure, among others. KARRAMINAH NAIL SALON embodies everything that KC believes a great nail polish should be—ethereal, artistic and enduring. It offers services that are detail-oriented, arranged by qualified staff to suit any personality or occasion and fulfill every client’s aesthetic dreams.

Machina Blowdry Bar

A convenient one-stop shop conceptualized by Renegade Branding Concepts in collaboration with brand ambassador and art enthusiast KC Del Rosario—offers blowdry services that transform beauty norms for the modern woman by making catwalk-quality blowouts accessible any time of the day. By putting together a team of leading stylists and trendsetters to give every client the blowout they’ve always dreamed of, MACHINA BLOWDRY BAR brings an unprecedented level of luxury, fun, efficiency, and style for everyone. From proprietary training program to personalized customer experience, this bar is committed to bringing its clients a better blowout.