Katarina Rodriguez

She is a Filipino-American athlete, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World Philippines 2018 and Miss International Philippines 2017. She represented the country in the Miss Intercontinental 2017 where she placed as the first runner up. She also placed third in the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model in 2014.

Concepts by Katarina Rodriguez

The Burger Yard

THE BURGER YARD offers a range of burgers made from premium beef and fresh locally sourced ingredients. A patty nestled within a home made bun, spooned with a secret house sauce and served on a plank, these are surefire mouthwatering burgers in chic and affordable prices!

Pan de Loco

Pan de Loco offers healthy and deliciously- baked pan de sal– the most popular and  most eaten bread by Filipinos. We also offer the improved and even healthier version– malunggay pan de sal as well as options with fillings which can vary from sweet to savory ones. Pair ‘em with our  Kapeng Barako or Tsokolate and your snack is going to be unforgettably filling!

Fluff & Pop

Fluff & Pop offers a selection of cotton candy and popcorn. Its vibrant, fun and deliciously sweet cotton candy are available in different flavors ranging from classic, mango, strawberry, grape, apple among other fruit flavors . Every cotton candy is creatively and animatedly shaped into fun characters that’ll not just please your tongue but your eyes as well! Our crunchy, white delicious popcorns on the other hand, are available in a variety of toppings– butter, sugar, cinnamon, caramel, a sprinkle of smoked paprika, even chocolate. This irresistible treat will make you hooked by the time your teeth crunched down on that first bite!

Poke Paradise

POKé PARADISE by Katarina Rodriguez offers an array of customizable dishes brought from Hawaii to our shores. This healthy, sumptuous dish is having a moment right now as everyone’s favorite casual food. We have so many variations you can choose from that’ll poke your heart’s content for sure. Tuna, salmon, all-out vegan, paleo alternatives– you name it, we serve it!

Pop It!