Edgar Allan Guzman

He is a Filipino actor and singer who is currently associated with GMA7 network. He also appears frequently in several independent films and has appeared in nearly 20 films since the start of his career.

Concepts by Edgar Allan Guzman

Quick Eats

Craving for some well-loved Filipino street food? Quick Eats by Edgar Allan Guzman’s got you covered. This quirky food kiosk offers a wide variety of popular Filipino comfort food such as fish balls and squid balls, lumpia, kikiam and breaded quail eggs. The kiosk is perfect for quick lunches or snacks.

Hey Brew

Hey Brew created a new way for beer lovers to enjoy their favorite crafted beers. We offer different beers, ales and ciders any time and on-the-go. This concept’s aspiration is to deliver your drink wherever and whenever you are. Enjoy the new way of convenience in drinking your choice of beer. But we still remind our beer lovers to drink moderately.

Let’s Scrambol

Your Filipino childhood summer cooler just got more exciting.. We at Let’s Scrambol aims to bring back you Ice Scramble dessert for you to enjoy, whether you’re young or young at heart we are sure that you’ll still love our flavorful Ice Scramble. Refined shaved ice, mixed with various flavors that tops with sweet and delightful toppings, we make sure to give you a nostalgic feel with a new approach. This food concept will be surely loved by many.

Better Bird

Indulge your cravings for some tasty chicken with The Wing Yard by Edgar Allan Guzman. This food concept offers crispy and roasted wings cooked in herbs and spices, and served with a wide selection of dips and sauces. Want honey garlic? How about jalapeno sauce? The choice is yours at The Wing Yard.

Samgyupsal Surprise

We know that it has been your go-to favorite whenever you crave for a Korean dish but can’t afford the price and waiting on long cue lines. Samgyupsal Surprise was created to bring you your favorite Korean Pork BBQ in a box. Our concept was to deliver and serve those customers who are on the go. Satisfy your cravings fast and budget-friendly. Enjoy the Korean taste and surprise yourself in discovering our flavorful Samgyupsal Surprise.