David Licauco

David Alexander Sy Licauco is a Filipino-Chinese actor and model. Before he started his career in showbiz, David was working as a professional model, he started modeling inside school campus for various event posters, which then gave him opportunities to pursue his acting career in GMA. He still pursued his modeling career by participating in many fashion shows for very reputable brands like Cosmopolitan’s, Coca-cola, and Bench, along with some other magazine brands.

Concepts by David Licauco

Taste of Dim Sum

Taste of Dim Sum by David Licauco, managed by Renegade Branding Concepts in partnership with the renowned filipino-chinese actor and model, offers a wide range of franchises from services to products and F&Bs. The variety of services being offered will allow the dealers to be instantly connected to comprehensive support structure and be in one of the industry’s most unparalleled operating systems. With a strong brand identity, excellent franchisee relationships and an outstanding executive leadership team firmly in place, Taste of Dim Sum by David Licauco is well positioned for development across the country.

Donut Delights

Doughnuts are everywhere. But some only leaves an aftertaste in the mouth and never a smile on someone’s face. Donut Delights by David Licauco leaves you a feeling of amazement in every bite because of its deliciously dulcet taste and impeccable preparation—from the mix of fresh ingredients to how it’s artistically presented, our doughnuts appeal both to the eyes and palate of anyone– from kids, middle-aged to elderlies! Simply amazing.

Tea & Co.

Tea & Co. by David Licauco offers bubble teas in diverse flavors that you can choose from. Our recipe for each drink is carefully thought out to deliver the same filling goodness but with a step-up while drinking each cup. With several add-on options, you can customize your every cup to make your bubble tea drinking experience more fun and tastier. With its handy packaging, it’s perfect for anyone who wants while on-the-go.

Chops and Pops

Chops and Pops is a one-stop shop for anything crispy, juicy and yummy chicken. Deliciously packed in unique convenient boxes, these grubs are cooked in perfection for working professionals and students who are always on-the-go. Paired with a selection of gravies and sauces, your Chicken Chops meal becomes gustatorily extra!