Beauty Gonzales

Beauty Gonzales is a Filipino-Spanish actress originating in Dumaguete City. She rose to prominence when she set foot in Big Brother’s house in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. She has appeared in various movies and TV programs including the top-rating ‘Kadenang Ginto”.

Concepts by Beauty Gonzalez

Sisig Beauty

You can get your fix of good sisig at Sisig Beauty BY BEAUTY GONZALEZ. The quick preparation of your favorite type of sisig is a huge plus, especially if there are only mere minutes left in your lunch break.

Their pork sisig is smothered in their special creamy sauce, a mousse-like concoction that tastes both tangy and somehow buttery at the same time. Chicharon is sprinkled over it in abundance, just watch for those stray hard bits.

Dim Sum Beauty

Dim Sum Beauty by Beauty Gonzalez brings quality Cantonese Dim Sum to the Philippines’ blooming food scenes. This dim sum kiosk is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. It serves delicate bites inspired by Chinese cooking methods and infused with European flavors and ingredients, resulting in a contemporary, playful form of dim sum that will please both the traditionalist and the novel-seeking foodie.

Dim Sum Beauty wants to create a great vibe with contemporary decor and a cozy environment for friends and families to enjoy. It serves dishes from various regions of China, including Cantonese dim sum, Shanghainese cold cuts and dumplings, and much more.

Beautiful Fries

Beautiful Fries by Beauty Gonzalez is a first-of-its-kind, fast-casual kiosk specializing in offering gourmet topped fries and finger food favorites to the on-the-go consumer. Beautiful Fries by Beauty Gonzalez’s multi-step process produces the best crispy and well-seasoned fries. We select pre-washed grade A potatoes. For nutritional value and to enhance flavor, we leave the potato skin on. Beautiful Fries by Beauty Gonzalez is fresh-cut, and twice-fried in canola oil and then tossed to eliminate any excess oil, and evenly seasoned.

At Beautiful Fries by Beauty Gonzalez, we offer our customers the opportunity to create their own fry order. They can dress up to taste their fries with seasonings and dips from our unique Flavor Station. We understand that customers always look for more options, and we offer them the freedom to customize their fry order into something new and delicious. Our cooking process, original menu, and Flavor Station are what clearly set us apart from the competition.

Chicken Inasal

Unlike the usual barbecue or grilled chicken that uses soy sauce, Chicken Inasal by Beauty Gonzalez uses different ingredients for its marinade and basting sauce that create a unique flavor. Key to this unique flavor is the native coconut vinegar and calamansi (local lime fruit) which gives it the distinct taste and smell that only an authentic chicken inasal is known for. The smoked flavor added by cooking the meat on a hot charcoal grill imbibes the marinade and makes the dish tastier.

Chicken Inasal by Beauty Gonzalez is a Filipino themed, middle-price-range casual dining restaurant chain that seeks to become a Filipino restaurant institution known not only for its authentic tasting chicken inasal but also for its penchant of providing great food experience giving enjoyable and lasting memories to customers.


Today, The Shawarmunch is revolutionizing shawarmas by filling pitas, plates and bowls with ingredients inspired by the healthy diets of the Middle East and Mediterranean. We are committed to a chef-driven menu, made from scratch, producing restaurant quality food in a fun quick service setting.

More so, The Shawarmunch allows you to pick and choose, mix and match so you can cater to exactly what taste you feel like having at that exact moment. We are redefining what it means to have healthy fresh delicious food that is quick and customized up to the last spice. Applying our special of cooking techniques to our unique blend of flavors has allowed us to bring highlights from the world of fine dining into our quick-service kiosks.

Juicy Tonic

JUICY TONIC by Beauty Gonzales is a health stand of fruity, juicy and yummy goodness packed in cute, fun and vibrant bottles and cups. Offering a selection of juices and smoothies made from fresh and nutritious fruits, you’ll have your thirst quenched, your sugar craving satiated and your body invigorated in every drop!