Arci Muñoz

After she entered the reality show Starstruck, her career started to arise. She was seen in several blockbuster movies under Star Cinema and various TV shows in different network giants, ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. She is also a singer and vocalist of Filipino rock band, Philia.

Concepts by Arci Muñoz

Jayu Café

Want to go and try something new? If your fascinated with the Korean culture and their food, Welcome to Jayu Café “Jayu” is Freedom in Korean. Our Korean themed café offers different kinds of Korean food and you may partner it with the perfect cup of coffee.

Chick ‘N Sauce

Chick ‘N Sauce is a one-stop-shop that offers an authentic taste of Korean chicken to Korean lovers there. It offers Korean flavored chicken popcorn in a bowl also topped on Rice. The shop also offers sweet and spicy chicken to the customers that leave a mark on every Korean fanatic here in the Philippines. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own Chick ‘N Sauce now!


K-Top! Korean Rice Toppings by Arci Munoz is the perfect place to drop by if you’re craving for Korean dishes on rice in its most affordable rates! Every dish is cooked perfectly to give you the most satisfying, filling food experience! You’ll never get enough of ‘em.

Sake Sake

Sake Sake by Arci Munoz is made from quality fermented rice and yeast, fermented to perfection. Enjoy the authentic Japanese taste with every sip from Sake Sake Bar.


Enjoy Tapanyaki’s authentic Filipino taste of beef tapa, with a hint of Japanese Teppanyaki beef. You can choose from 3 varaiants; Classic, Spicy, and Teppanyaki Style.


Le Crunchon

Don’t miss this delicious and Le Crunchon that surely you will crave for. Le Crunchon meat is deep grilled and well marinated with golden perfection that will give crunchy and savory taste to everyone.