Anjo Damiles

Anjo Damiles is an actor and model who appeared in several TV shows and various films. He is now currently under network giant, GMA 7.

Concepts by Anjo Damiles

Porhickbeef stew

Willing to sacrifice those extra calories for that savory, and delicious Porhickbeef stew that you’ve been craving for? This Porhickbeef stew with meat cubes simmered to perfect tenderness in a spicy tomato sauce. Stuffed of potatoes, bell peppers, and green olives, this classic Filipino stew is hearty, succulent, and perfect for family dinners and special occasions.

Crunching Pig

Can’t get enough of that crackling sound when you bite into that juicy and succulent piece of crispy pata? Here at Crunching Pig, we guarantee a worthwhile experience of dining with the most delicious part of every pig, made with quality ingredients, cooked to perfection.

Pork Galore

Craving for a good hearty meal but tired of the usual steak and potatoes? If that’s so may the Pork be with you, Pork Chops to be exact. These Pork Chops are cooked so that they are golden on the outside but moist and juicy on the inside. It is partnered with perfectly cooked garlic rice that will surely satisfy your cravings and keep you coming back for more.

Sinigang Club

Sinigang Club is a one stop shop that offers a wide variety of sinigang flavors ranging from flavorful pork to seafoods. All ingredients were sourced out locally to offer the customer authentic taste of Filipino sinigang dish at a very reasonable price. Sinigang club also offer its special sinangag na sinigang perfect for rice lovers out there!