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Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana is a Filipina actress and commercial model, and the daughter of actor Rey “PJ” Abellana and Rea Reyes. In 2009, she auditioned for Zorro, but GMA Network instead cast her in a lead role in Rosalinda, a remake of the Mexican telenovela of the same name. She has co-hosted SOP RulesStarStruckParty Pilipinas, the cooking show Del Monte Kitchenomics, and Karelasyon, a drama anthology series. In partnership with Resident Holdings Group, Carla has launched her own eyewear and accessory collections, meant to make women feel both graceful and charmful. She wanted to build up a brand that is suited for daily wear and one that makes everyone feel unapologetically pretty–that is what her products truly are.


Rebel Specs Design

Rebel Specs Design is a fast growing eyewear brand that offers stylish, luxurious and quality sunglasses at affordable prices. It stands as the only eyewear brand in the Philippines that offers pairs that are curated by popular celebrities and influencers in the field of entertainment, modeling, pageantry and general lifestyle.


Regal Jewelry Collections

Regal Jewelry Collection is a curated
influencer-inspired e-commerce jewelry brand that sells gorgeous celebrity branded rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at a reasonable price.

Pre-loved items

Relove Collections

A celebrity curated online auctions of pre-loved apparels, accessories, furniture and fixtures, and also cars from our celebrity Renegades.

Clothing & Accessories


Food Concepts

How It Works

Carla Abellana partnered with Renegade Branding Concepts to create multiple franchising and licensing ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her concepts are popular food items that consumer absolutely enjoy. Take a look at Shaira’s food concepts that celebrate Filipino cuisine.


If you are craving for some traditional Filipino treats, look no further. Hainan by Carla Abellana is your one-stop kiosk for sweet and delicious merienda food including sapin-sapin, biko, puto, suman, ube halaya, and bibingka, to name a few. All these will be served from a barrio-fiesta inspired kiosk.


Binibingka is a kiosk dedicated to the most popular and most favorite delicacy in the Philippines. Always fresh and traditionally made, our bibingka is delicious and aromatic and you’ll surely come back for more!

Frappe Sarap

Feeling groggy, sleepy and lethargic? Fret no more because Frappé Place is going to be your happy place to grab your favorite hot or icy, decaf or caffeinated , delicious drinkables. Slurp on our munchies– cookies, donuts and other bite-sized pastries while you sip on your chosen drink. Drop by, get refreshed and get jerked-up with us!

Taverna de Paella

Taverna de Paella is a new Spanish-inspired concept that highlights Filipinos love for the Spanish staple rice dish ‘paella’. While paella is often expensive and served only at Spanish-themed restaurant, Taverna will make the dish more accessible to the market. Different flavors of the Spanish dish such as paella negra, paella valenciana and paella marinara, will be served in a food carton style, making it perfect for people on the go.


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