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Emmanuel Pacquiao

Emmanuel Pacquiao

Emmanuel “Jimuel” Pacquiao, Jr. is the eldest son of world-famous boxer and now Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao. He is also an amateur boxer.


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Rebel Specs Design

Rebel Specs Design is a fast growing eyewear brand that offers stylish, luxurious and quality sunglasses at affordable prices. It stands as the only eyewear brand in the Philippines that offers pairs that are curated by popular celebrities and influencers in the field of entertainment, modeling, pageantry and general lifestyle. 


Radical Couture Concepts

Radical Couture is an influencer-designed streetwear shop and clothing brand catering to fashionable, casual, and trendy clients among hip-hop, alternative, and punk rock scenes. Its products range from jeans, shirt, jackets, and fashion accessories at an affordable price.

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Relove Collections

A celebrity curated online auctions of pre-loved apparels, accessories, furniture and fixtures, and also cars from our celebrity Renegades.

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Food Concepts

How It Works

Emannuel Pacquiao partnered with Renegade Branding Concepts to create multiple franchising and licensing ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her concepts are popular food items that consumer absolutely enjoy. Take a look at Shaira’s food concepts that celebrate Filipino cuisine.

Burger Boy

Burger Boy by Jimuel Pacquiao is a one-stop shop for burgers of different types– from classic ones to the more exotic patty combinations, your fast food craving is surely to be satiated. We also offer a wide array of varying side dishes like potato fries and wedges to salads and coleslaw, perfect for pairing with your favorite burger.


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