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Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee Pacquiao is the wife of renowned Filipino boxer and senator, Manny Pacquiao. She worked in the beauty industry as a beauty consultant when she met Manny Pacquiao and eventually became a famous product endorser and influencer. Together with Resident Holdings Group, Jinkee has also added “fashion” curator and designer to her list of laurels. Her sunglass collection offers fashion-forward designs in stainless steel and acetate with features like polarized lenses. Meanwhile, for her jewelry line, Jinkee curates jewelry that is as inspiring as it is edgy.


What I Curated


Rebel Specs Design

Rebel Specs Design is a fast growing eyewear brand that offers stylish, luxurious and quality sunglasses at affordable prices. It stands as the only eyewear brand in the Philippines that offers pairs that are curated by popular celebrities and influencers in the field of entertainment, modeling, pageantry and general lifestyle.


Regal Jewelry Collections

Regal Jewelry Collection is a curated
influencer-inspired e-commerce jewelry brand that sells gorgeous celebrity branded rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at a reasonable price.

Pre-loved items

Relove Collections

A celebrity curated online auctions of pre-loved apparels, accessories, furniture and fixtures, and also cars from our celebrity Renegades.

Clothing & Accessories


Food Concepts

How It Works

Jinkee Pacquiao partnered with Renegade Branding Concepts to create multiple franchising and licensing ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her concepts are popular food items that consumer absolutely enjoy. Take a look at Shaira’s food concepts that celebrate Filipino cuisine.


Sprinkles by Jinkee Pacquiao boasts a variety of fresh-made donuts, cookies, and croissant donuts worthy of culinary commendation. Our doughnuts are made with a brioche-type dough prepared in small batches throughout the day so our customers can always get the freshest doughnuts possible! We offer many different flavors and try to keep our most popular ones available year-round while others rotate and change seasonally. Whether it’s our out-of-this-world Original Doughnut or our cult-favorite Choco Butternut, The Sprinkles has something for everyone. From old-fashioned classics like crullers and honey-dipped to modern favorites like Oreo Rings, The Sprinkles is a treasure trove of tasty treats.

Milk Tea Heaven

Hungry? Sleepy? Milk Tea Heaven by Jinkee is the place to be to grab this generation’s all-time drink and snack! We offer a variety of milk and fruit teas that you can choose from that are unlike any other! Our drinkables are deliciously made and our tapioca balls are cooked to its chewy perfection for a fun gustatory experience. From varying syrups to other add-ons, the options are endless! Satisfy your sweet cravings or perk up in a jiffy with milk teas by Jinkee!

Jinkee’s Kitchen

Bring a little bit of everything to your lunch box with this complete meal in a bowl! Jinkee’s Kitchen offers a selection of all time Filipino favorite dishes paired with rice and a side dish. It’s perfect for people who’s always on-the-go yet want to have a filling, scrumptious, nutritious and complete meal!

The Pie Project

There’s always room for dessert at The Pie Project. It’s a place to be when you’re simply craving something deliciously and sinfully sweet. From bingsu to rolled ice cream to churros, you’ll never have the guts to say no to these dulcit treats. Our ingredients are ethically and locally sourced so in very spoonful, you don’t just satisfy your sugar craving– you also do something good for your country! The best part is– our dessert shop is open 24 hours a day so you can have your truly good and mouth-watering desserts anytime of the day!


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