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Marija Debelic

Croatian celebrity Marija Debelic is a multi-talented actress, singer, model and DJ. She is also a certified fashionista with a love for street fashion and casual wear. This year, she is adding another feather to her cap as she unveils her new line of products she curated with the help of Resident Holdings Group. Check out her collection today.


What I Curated


Radiant Beauty Selection

Radiant Beauty Selection is your one-stop celebrity-based shopping destination for cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty enhancement products that will help you achieve your beauty goals. Start your beauty journey today.


Radical Couture Concepts

Radical Couture is an influencer-designed streetwear shop and clothing brand catering to fashionable, casual, and trendy clients among hip-hop, alternative, and punk rock scenes. Its products range from jeans, shirt, jackets, and fashion accessories at an affordable price.

Pre-loved items

Relove Collections

A celebrity curated online auctions of pre-loved apparels, accessories, furniture and fixtures, and also cars from our celebrity Renegades.

Clothing & Accessories


Food Concepts

How It Works

Marija Debelic partnered with Renegade Branding Concepts to create multiple franchising and licensing ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her concepts are popular food items that consumer absolutely enjoy. Take a look at Shaira’s food concepts that celebrate Filipino cuisine.

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