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    No matter how you put it, you can never go wrong with noodles. It’sperfect for any season, whether  stir fried or with soup. The Noodle Corner delivers any noodle of your choice. We created this concept to become a house of noodles that serves a variety of noodle dishes that will suit the customers cravings. From every sauce, topping and the way you want it, we got you covered. Satisfy your own taste and experience a whole new level of satisfaction with The Noodle Corner.

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    DISCLAIMER: All kiosk designs are not final and are subject to further changes and improvements.


    4.5sqm - 350k 
    7.5sqm - 560k

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    We offer a wide array of support services to all our master and individual licensees to create a strong business environment during their initial year of operations.

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    • Branding and Design consultation
    • Master planning assistance
    • Technical Support
    • Employee service training
    • Product Workshops
    • Supplier Introductions
    • Publicity support
    • Operational Support
    • Asset Management
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