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The Good Fruit

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    The Good Fruit by Fabio Ide offers a wide variety of organic snacks that fulfill the expectations for both the health-conscious persons and taste-craving individuals. Using predominantly plant-based ingredients, our bowls are stacked with the nourishment you need and the flavors you crave. We make sure to craft each bowl from the freshest and highest quality ingredients and our menu is shaped around the idea that high-performing bodies need high-performing food.

    The Good Fruit is more than just a super food as we are committed to sustainability as well. Everything we use is designed to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly from our bowls and utensils made with recycled coconut, to the sourcing, production and disposal of our food because we believe a clean planet is a happy planet.

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    4.5sqm - 350k 
    7.5sqm - 560k

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